Free domain name and free web hosting in 2019

Register a free domain name and a free hoisting for a year. We have been in contact with our readers and one of the questions we always have is “How can i get a free domain name? ” We have come with the right answer for our customers, you can get a free domain name for a year. all you need to do is to pay for a setup fee of £10.80 and that’s all. you will be ready to go.

What is a website name?

Every web site contains a specific name to spot it on the internet and this is exactly like your home address, it consists of various elements. The name needs to be distinctive and result in only 1 specific web site. that’s why you’ve got to envision initial if your required name is free and not already claimed. Any net address begins with “www”. This is often associate degree abbreviation for World Wide net and is that the entry to the web. Nowadays, domain names don’t essentially need to have a „www” before as a result of net browsers can recognise it mechanically. ensuing half, the Second Level, is that the most vital recognition issue – the name. think about a website name that best reflects the content and subject of your website! The last half is that the prime Level Domain, and it is generic (.net, .com, .org) or geographic (.uk domain, .us domain, .ca domain, etc.). You need to find out if your free domain name is available for registration, please click here